Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cuttered Closet!

Who says that a closet can't be a hangout?? The best places in the home is the pantry and closet! I gave my closet a face lift this summer! I LOVE clothes and shoes (and bags, and scarves, and belts, and well... I think you understand my problem) I have a small closet and A LOT of stuff... So I devised a plan that would help enlarge my space! I knocked out all the existing shelves (which I must admit was quite fun!), then I puttied the holes. (pst- here is a tip my mom taught me.. don't sand the putty. After the putty dries; just soak a wash cloth in warm water ring it out and rub the excess putty off!) Then I painted the walls. Next I headed off to the store on a mission to buy shelves for my un-used corner space! I took my older brother (21yrs) Big mistake :P he followed me like a puppy dog in the store and wined like a five year old "When can we go home?" "I am hungry, stop and buy me something to eat." haha I truly wish I was kidding! Well after I settled on something I was not pleased with (just to get him to quit bothering me) I bought what I had and left... I spent $40 on 3 tiny shelves... Not a bargain. I Instantly regretted my decision and marched myself right back into the store to return them (leaving my "little boy" in the car ;)) I called my dad and he said he could build me bigger shelves for less! YIPPEEE!! So my dad and I bought the wood and made some shelves (well he mostly built them.. thanks Dad!) and before I knew it I had myself a custom closet!!! I painted the shelves and bought an extra clothing rod at the hard wear store (very inexpensive) then I used it to hang a second row of clothes! (problem solved!)

Hannah <3
P.S. that picture is of my lovely helper Seth (aka Mister 5 year old)


  1. I love the re-do!
    What a good writer you are!
    I pray things are going well at your house!
    Tell Mom~we need to do breakfast just as soon as she can!
    Love ya all~

  2. Your dad just wanted an excuse to go to Westlake True Value, where everybody knows his name!!