Sunday, August 30, 2009

History of the scarf!

Two weeks ago my dear friend Megan returned from a five week trip to France! I went to her house to welcome her home, while I was there she handed me a beautiful yellow scarf! She shouldn’t have, but I am so glad she did! I absolutely loved my *new French scarf! SO I was thinking… hmm maybe the history of the scarf would be a fun blog!
Apparently they started in Rome (go figure), but they were called sudarium. Sudarium is a Latin term for “sweat cloth” EWWWW (one thing I am defiantly NOT using my scarf for) The Romans used them so wipe their faces and necks. Soon the trend caught on for women AND men to start wearing them for fashion! Scarves went out of style for a time, but they are back and more popular than ever!

Hannah <3


  1. What a great lesson~Hannah!
    You have a great day!
    Love ya~
    Mrs. Carrie

  2. What a great friend you must have! ;)

  3. The scarf looks so gorgeous with your Roman black hair!
    Candise & Crew