Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cake Decorating Class

Hello Bloggers!

This semester I am taking a cake decorating class! I have been sooo excited about this~ Well last Tuesday was the first class and I showed up all excited with my cute apron (with little pom pom fringe)!! as more people shw up, I start seeing other students with a kit... OH NO I didn't know I was supposed to bring a kit. I paid for the class and the supply fee- How did this happen? My friend said to me "don't worry its the first week I am sure the teacher will have extras"... WRONG She didn't even acknowledge I didn't have anything to use for a long time and I felt like crying, thinking "Man, I am just going to have to stand here like an idiot not being able to participate in anything" Eventually she picked up on the "no kit idea" and handed me a disposable bag for the icing.. Great! now I have a cupcake and a clear bag!!! WHoooo :D Thankfully my friends shared their extra supplies, and I enjoyed the rest of the class. We made the cutest little pumpkin cupcakes!! I learned so much the first class... I can't wait for next week (with my new kit of coarse)

Sometimes I do this with God!! I worry so much about my "cute pom pom fringed apron" I forget to read the instructions and prepare for the things that matter. Like Reading the Bible and spending more time in prayer and worship. Some days I find myself so consumed with making the outside beautiful I don't give the beauty of my heart any effort. This morning I stopped and picked up my devotional and read about how crazy God is for me and how he loves me even with my imperfections. Suddenly my attitude changed- I thanked Him for showing me that.. then ran to jump in the shower... My favorite Bath and Body cotton scented bar of soap was on the floor and when I saw it I thought of God... He is so funny! He is in EVERYTHING in life...(even in your favorite bath and body!) So as I am encouraging and reminding myself how important personal time with God is.. I am also telling you~~~ Make your Heart beautiful today!
Love Hannah <3


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  1. Oh you are just to funny! I love the recount of your story!
    I pray today will be better. Check in on my sister~she is teaching my classes~make sure she is still standing!