Tuesday, September 22, 2009

T.A.K.E. Defense!

So this Saturday I went to the Royals Statium for a self defense class! I was VERY eye opening and powerful! I had no idea of all the things that go on in our CrAzY world... I went with My mom, sister, my friend Megan, and her mom too! We had a fun girls day! We heard real stories about women taking defense and not letting the "bad guy" have his way. They showed us a few simple moves to take defense! We got to practice on some body bags (which I have to admit was tons of fun!!!) haha Here are a few tips I picked up on!

1. If they get in your car throw your keys anywhere out the door, window, in the backseat, ect.

2. Scream and go crazy (We heard about one women who even dropped down and started eatting grass, the attacker thought she was crazy and left her alone!)

3. If you make an extra stop on your way home from school, work, or church. Tell someone... It only takes a few minutes to be attacked and your loved ones will have a better idea of where to look for you.

Check out there website for more Ideas and Class dates! I HIGHLY recemend it! You have to think about these things before they happen- Create a plan today! http://www.takedefense.org/

They told us not to laugh or smile at our partners... but it was too hard :D

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  1. We thought the class was really worthwhile --especially before you girls go off to college. Plus, it's always a "wonderful day at Chick-fil-A!"