Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flee Market Fun

Hello Bloggers!

Today I went to the annual Spark Flee Market (in Spark, Kansas of course). I went with my family, and most of us had a great time! (With a family of 7, someone is bound to be unhappy) We looked at tons and TONS of antiques (which was heaven for my mom and me!). My mom bought me a shabby chic frame that came with old fashion pictures in it. The pictures were of two girls and a man. My mom and I spent quite a while trying to decide the relationship between the people in the pictures. We concluded with a Mother, Father, and their daughter. It’s funny to think that one day the mason family’s pictures could be sold as an antique at a Flee Market!

I was inspired to be more vintage… I sometimes wish we still dressed like the 50’s. My favorite booth was a lady named Lindee. She had as many types of vintage Clothes, Hats, Jewelry, Purses, Gloves, and Shoes, that you can imagine! I picked up a yellow scarf and before I knew it she had it tied around my neck, saying “this is just a Luv gift!” (She had a Southern accent) She was so sweet… she started calling me baby doll, sugar, and honey! Well while I was there a woman came in the booth and was really rude and kept interrupting Lindee. The woman would pick up things and yell at her “how much?” “How much?”… And Lindee would kindly answer her. After a while the women left, and I incidentally picked up a purse she had looked at and rudely yelled “how much?”… Lindee walked over to me and said baby doll that woman that was in here earlier asked me how much for that and I told her $40. But I didn’t like her attitude so I will give it to you for $20! Lol the funny thing is you would have never guess Lindee didn’t like the lady she was still nice to her! She told me I got the friendly discount! I left there with my new scarf, and vintage hand bag (which I have hanging on my wall) and when she said goodbye she gave me a hug and kiss- Gotta Love Southern Hospitality! Please visit her site... http://www.trulyvintage.com/ (her picture is on the home page)

“Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny, maybe thats why I don’t have a boyfriend” By: Lucy Liu

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