Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stop and smell the "Lamps"???

Merry Christmas!!! I have been so busy lately... and have had no time for blogging ;) Quite a few things have changed~The Biggest *I got accepted to Highland, and got a dance scholarship. WHOOOO! :D So I am so excited for next year!!

I have almost ALL of my Christmas shopping done... But hardly any wrapping :( Bummer...

I wanted to show you all a craft I did recently... I was at one of my favorite shops (the Rusty Chandlier) When I saw a Really cute lamp! I told my friend "I want it" (even though I really didn't need it) Then I noticed the one next to it... and said "OH I REALLY really want it"! As I was thinking about dropping $30 on another lamp for my room, I realized both lamps had roses on the lamp shade.. and that must be what I really liked :P Sooo I decided to put my wallet back and just make it myself!

I went to Hobby Lobby (of coarse ;P) and bought (at 50%) a bundle of light pink mini roses~ I cut them off and hot glued them to my lamp! and Wa La... My perfect lamp!!

Hannah <3


  1. Oh Miss Hannah, I'm so impressed! I had such a good time at that store with you :)