Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentines is coming!

Hello Bloggers!

I am so ready for Valentines Day! Not because I have a boyfriend, or I have a secret admirer, but I love that there is a day of the year, you say nice things to people, and give them something sweet (flowers, chocolate, jewelry ;) ) and you do it for no reason!!! There is just something special about that!

Well there are some people a little bitter when valentines come around :/ Whether you feel this way because you are single, or you hate having to think of something to buy your special someone... I have a link for you people!!! (later to come)

When I was little I listened to "Adventures in Odyssey" ALL THE TIME! And don't put it past me to listen to one still to this day!I listened to them every night! The lessons are so great and you use your imagination to listen rather than mindless TV~ I think that is why I had such a vivid imagination as a little girl (give me some rocks and I was happy for hours playing "general store" or "town") Well I remember there was a "Adventure in Odyssey" about the history of Valentines Day! SO GOOD! To order the CD of this lesson Click Here
.. So if you are bitter about February 14th, please click the link order this CD and listen! You will never think of Valentines as just a silly Holiday!

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