Saturday, July 2, 2011

Prince charming... you there?

Hello my Dolls! Do some of you ever have those days you swear you will be an old maid forever? You just know you are going to become a crazy cat lady (not that anything is wrong with crazy cat ladies... I happen to know and love many!) I definitely have those moments from time to time. I see my friends who are married, engaged, or having children already and I think God must have forgotten I want all those things. Not that I think by any means I could handle that responsibility right now, but just to point out those worrying thoughts do enter my head from time to time. Now I have never "dated" a guy or even had my first kiss. So it is very easy for me to begin to listen to the lies of Satan and hear "I'm not good enough, No one will ever find you attractive, or You are being way to high maintenance" While I know these things are just the great Deceiver trying to distract me from the goal, I can get caught up in his lies.
Tonight I was running listening to my Mandisa playlist when I had one of those spiritual lightbulb moments. (Which are wonderful, God keep those coming!) I was listening to: He Will Come By Mandisa (Click to listen) In the chorus the lyrics say, "But He loves you like His only son" and I it made me start thinking about my earthly Father's love for me. I know the man who raised me, David Mason can't wait for me to find the Prince Charming that God has prepared. But my dad has 4 other children to worry about. When I think of only children I often think about how much time and love is devoted just to them! Sometimes they can even be spoiled... to think that, THAT is the kind of love my Heavenly Father has for me is an absolute beautiful thought! Yes of course He wants me to be joyful and have everything I need, and He can't wait for that day when He can spiritually "walk me down the aisle." I just have to wait because His gifts and timing are always perfect! So before you start thinking of yourself as the wallflower for eternity... dance with God, and when its time He will let your prince step in!

Princess in training.
Matthew 6:25

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